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Research at the University of Pretoria (UP) is at the apex of the University’s long-term strategic plan, UP 2025, which is to be a leading research-intensive university in Africa. Equally important is the University’s international visibility and the impact of its research and innovation on socio-economic development in South Africa and in the region. UP therefore deliberately balances its focus on research and innovation and the partnerships fostered by creating an environment that is conducive to scholarly pursuits. A wide range of research and professional areas underscores the strength of UP in research and postgraduate education, and also the areas in which UP is positioned as a research leader in Africa and internationally.

UP has been home to some of Africa’s most significant leaders in research. Each year the increasing number of National Research Foundation-rated researchers is evidence of the University’s commitment to attracting and retaining researchers of the highest distinction, as well as young researchers with the potential for research excellence.

It is through the sustained individual and collective actions of our researchers that UP continues to strengthen its identity as a leading research-intensive university in Africa.

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Academic Programmes

Available Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate programmes in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences introduce increasing levels of specialisation into the major disciplines – from honours to master’s to doctoral levels.

As the Faculty is mainly a professional faculty, students tend to pursue degrees to the level required by the accrediting professional bodies, usually an honours or a master’s degree. The Faculty has introduced a number of new master’s programmes by coursework in areas of specialisation where there is an increasing demand for skills in the market place.

All doctoral degrees are based purely on research although the attendance of a number of modules/seminars may be required as a prerequisite.

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Research Areas and Supervisors

UP’s new Future Africa campus will be the place where Africa’s leading scientists and scholars from across the world, and from a broad range of disciplines, will come together to leverage the benefits of transdisciplinary research to address the grand challenges that face Africa and the world.

The Future Africa campus will provide a dynamic living, learning and research environment where a community of scholars and other societal role players will engage to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact.

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UP aims to create an enabling environment in which  our postgraduate students and their supervisors can function optimally. Our supervisors provide academic guidance and mentorship to students and are key role players in the administrative efficiency of postgraduate study.

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Research That Matters


Prof Karin Barac
Deputy Dean: Research and Postgraduate Studies

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences offers a number of honours, master’s and PhD degrees. Pursuing postgraduate studies in the Faculty gives students the opportunity to acquire leading-edge knowledge in their discipline, as well as valuable research skills.

Our academic staff are recognised for research and teaching excellence and students have the opportunity to work directly with staff, for a stimulating postgraduate experience. Our Faculty boasts a number of South African National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researchers. In fact, we have the highest number of researchers who are internationally recognised for research excellence across faculties of economic and management sciences in South Africa. We also have a number of institutes and centres engaged in thought leadership in areas such as taxation, economics, and responsible leadership.

Our postgraduate students have access to numerous research support services in the Faculty, as well as UP’s cutting-edge Graduate Support Hub. Many funding opportunities are available through the University’s bursary programme, and we have a number of business-sponsored scholarships as well as academic staff research project bursaries.


Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is one of the largest faculties at UP. The Faculty aims to continuously strengthen its position as the leading institution in the fields of economic, financial and management sciences through its academic and research excellence. At the same time, the Faculty remains committed to delivering competent, creative, responsible and productive citizens – the “Thought Leaders” of UP and South Africa’s future business leaders.

The Faculty aims to be an internationally recognised and locally relevant centre of research excellence in the economic, management and financial sciences. It strives to be at the cutting edge of economic, financial and management education and research, with an African focus. The implementation of various interventions has resulted in a marked increase in the Faculty’s research outputs over the last few years.


Institutes, Centres and Units

In line with its mission of pursuing recognition and excellence in its core functions of research, teaching and learning, as well as integrating engagement with society and communities, UP consolidates many of its research, teaching and engagement activities in 100 institutes, centres and units in the faculties.

A significant number of South African Research Chairs (funded by the South African Research Chairs Initiative), as well as research chairs funded by industry, are housed in these institutes, centres and units. Research themes spanning expertise across departments or faculties are often also often based in these institutes, centres and units.

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Your Postgraduate Journey

The University of Pretoria welcomes you to its comprehensive and exciting postgraduate degree programmes. Your postgraduate journey starts from the point of registration to graduation, with guidance from an academic supervisor allocated to you. As soon as a supervisor has been appointed to oversee your research project, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which stipulates responsibilities of the student and those of the supervisor, must be signed.

A plagiarism policy should also be signed together with the MOA. In order to support your efforts to graduate successfully and on time, there are critical milestones that should be achieved during the whole journey. Details of the milestones are given in an online system called the Graduate Research Management (GRM) system that has been developed to facilitate monitoring of progress of students in the postgraduate journey.

The GRM system will help you to monitor your progress in terms of achievement of all the pertinent milestones in your postgraduate journey. In addition, various structures of the university are there to provide you with a wide range of academic as well as administrative support. More information about the postgraduate journey and support programmes offered can be found in the postgraduate roadmap.

Funding Opportunities

As a postgraduate student or researcher at the UP there are a number of research resources available to you to identify suitable research funding opportunities. Apart from the University, many companies and institutions offer scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate studies. The University manages a number of financial aid funds on behalf of institutions who provide such funding. Applications for financial assistance/bursaries/grants or funding must be submitted in the year before study commences, and is subject to approval and availability.

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The University of Pretoria's (UP) Hatfield Campus is situated in Lynnwood Road, Hillcrest, in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. The campus is one of the most picturesque in the country. It is spread over 24 hectares and also houses most of the University's residences. The lively Hatfield cosmopolitan shopping area is within walking distance of UP's residences.

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Other Postgraduate Interests

Financial Support

Financial Support

The University of Pretoria is proud of all the academic achievements of our students. And if you choose UP, we have the [email protected] Assist Financial Awards for new first-year students who have excelled academically.




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Future Africa

Future Africa

The University of Pretoria’s Future Africa campus is the place where Africa’s leading scientists and scholars from across the world and from a broad range of disciplines come together to leverage the benefits of transdisciplinary research to address the grand challenges that face Africa and the world.

Issues of critical relevance to Africa are tackled: from sustainable development and good governance, citizen participation and human rights, to advancing innovation for the bioresource economy.

In a world where ideas and technologies evolve rapidly and the challenges we face are multifaceted and transnational, Africa needs a new generation of original thinkers with international perspectives, yet with a scholarly vision and voice that is rooted in Africa.

The Future Africa campus provides a dynamic living, learning and research environment where a community of scholars and other societal role players will engage to advance excellence in scholarship, dialogue and impact. Here the continent’s brightest young geneticists, chemists, economists, lawyers, engineers, social scientists and other specialists are able to work side by side in an environment that facilitates world-class creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

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